Renters insurance provides property coverage for your furniture, electronics, books or other possessions if they happen to get damaged or destroyed in an unforeseen incident that is covered by your policy. It also provides liability coverage which protects you in the event you are liable for accidental damage to the property of others or the apartment property itself.
There's a very good chance your personal property is worth more than you think. While individual items may not seem to have high value, replacing all of your personal items at the same time could prove catastrophic. Additionally, the liability component alone makes renters insurance extremely valuable.
While your landlord carries coverage for the building itself, there is no coverage for your personal materials in the event the damage to the apartment (or another apartment or the property) if you're the cause (on purpose or by accident). It will be your financial obligation to reimburse the property for any repairs associated with such damage.
There may be instances where you can transfer your coverage to another unit in the same community. You will need to address your specific scenario with your management office for assistance.

The policy is an annual obligation. Cancelation may be requested in writing by contacting Cancellation requests made prior to the anniversary date of the policy are subject to an earned minimum premium as noted on the declaration page of your insurance policy. If a return premium is calculated by the company, it will be returned to you. The leasing office cannot cancel on your behalf. The cancellation must be in writing, with a signature of the insured(s) and the cancellation date cannot be backdated.

The policy is offered with several options of personal property limits and combined liability coverage or liability coverage only. The community requires, at minimum, the liability coverage to lease their unit. A request may be made to change your coverage amounts; however, there are no options for additional riders to the policy for specific property items. You may contact Protection Choice at (888) 219-9112 to discuss your coverage options.
The payment options for the policy are Annual or Semi-Annual. Online payment is easy and can be handled through the link provided in your notification email, or you may contact our office at (888) 219-9112 to make payment by phone.
Yes, the landlord/community is a party to the insurance coverage and will be notified if coverage has changed and/or lapsed, for their protection.

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